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Our Beginning

Dalena Farms, Inc. is a family farm that grows conventional and organic onions. Our business started with one field more than 30 years ago. Throughout the years, we’ve been able to expand our production services. We now operate more fields and produce 5 million packages of onions per year.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on growing excellent produce. Each of our growers work hard to provide wholesalers, food service providers, and vegetable stores with high-quality onions.

Sustainable Farming

As a family-operated farm, we are very conscious about social responsibility and sustainable farming. We use farming practices, like crop rotation and growing cover crops, to replenish the ground with nutrients. Our team plays an integral part in water conservation in our industry. Having established a water management plan that includes two reservoirs, several wells, and an irrigation system, we’re able to sustain our entire onion farming operation.

We are 100% compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative. Our team puts an emphasis on food safety, as we want to keep consumers safe from harm. This is why we have implemented an extensive traceability program that tracks our produce from the field to our customers.

During the growing phase, we incorporate food-grade nutrients to our plants. These nutrients help plants eliminate wasteful applications. They also make our onions extremely healthy for consumers. We also work with local seed companies to grow trial varieties, so they can develop onion varieties that are less susceptible to disease and reduces the amount of plant protection products being used. All of our onions are sampled and tested for pathogens and pesticide residue before harvesting.

Dalena Farms' Employees

Experienced Farmers

We have three generations of Dalenas working in our company. They tend to every aspect of the farming process. Besides employing members of our family, we also employ over 500 people from our local communities during our packing and harvesting season. This way we can give back to our local area.

For more than 10 years, we have been certified to grow organic onions in all colors and sizes. We have the skills to plant, raise, harvest, pack, and ship our products to customers in cities throughout the nation, including Los Angeles, California. Our team has fully integrated the entire process.