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Become Familiar with Sweet D Onions

Dalena Farms, Inc. based in Los Angeles, California, is committed to providing our customers with quality produce. Our onions are locally grown in the central valley of California, giving them a rich taste. As certified NutriClean growers, we make sure all of our products are free of pesticide residue. We do this to keep consumers safe. Learn more about each of our Sweet D products below.

Women Picking Red Onions

3286 - Italian, Sweet Red Onions

Great with hamburgers, and hot dogs, our Italian, sweet red onions can make any food extra delicious. They are a perfect addition to “summer salads.” Mix them with tomatoes, cucumbers, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil to make a tasty salad. You can also enjoy our onions raw. They are naturally sweet and don’t require cooking.

4082 - Red Onions

Red Onions are a neat way to add color and flavor to your favorite dishes. They can be eaten raw or cooked (sautéed or oven roasted).

4093 - Yellow Onions

Great for cooking, our yellow onions add flavor to any recipe. You can:

• Sauté and Add Them on Your Favorite Steak
• Fry Them in Batter to Make Delicious Onion Rings
• Bake Them with Chicken or Fish
• Roast Them in the Oven with Your Favorite Vegetables

Yellow Onions

Onions Harvest

4165 - California Sweet, Yellow Onions

Sweet, yellow onions have a low pyruvic acid level, which makes the onions naturally sweet. Onions are tested to be “guaranteed sweet to eat.” Sweet D Sweet Onions are great to eat raw. Try adding slices of them to salads or to top off hamburgers and hot dogs. If you want to enhance the flavor of your favorite steak, you can sauté some of our onions to go on the top. You can also oven roast them with other fresh vegetables, like zucchini, mushrooms, and bell peppers.

4663 - White Onions

Our spicy, hot, and flavorful white onions are excellent to use raw in salsas or to add zest to your favorite recipes. Cooking the white onion will give you a wonderful onion flavor without the tears.